Traitors and Merchants

We Begin Again

After a long journey, Kaa and Thoog arrived at Sharn. Their adventures in Highland seemed a distant memory. They found lodging at an inn named The Raven’s Wing, which felt would be a good place as the name reminded them of the Arawai temple they had worked with (the Glade of the Raven).

One morning, the innkeeper interrupted their breakfast with a message. Kaelys Tela of Silverwine was expecting to see them today.

Kaelys reported a group of people broke into her home and stole an object from her collection. A piece of a white marble statue—specifically, a delicate hand recovered from the district of Fallen after the collapse of the Glass Tower. She employed the party to travel to Fallen to recover the hand, and any statue it has been joined to. She suggested seeking Faela, a missionary of the Silver Flame, in Blackstone Church in Fallen.

Furthermore, she recommended the party add an associate she had worked with in the past: Arty.

Faela believed the robbers to be members of a raver clan known as the Stone Keepers, who make their residence in Colrac Hall.

The journey to Colrac Hall was interrupted by an attack from a group of ravers, but they were no match for the party. Soon, the party arrived at Colrac Hall and began their exploration.



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