Traitors and Merchants

Return with the statue

As the party’s resources are exhausted. you make camp in the chamber of statues for an extended rest. Arty invokes the eye of alarm ritual, placing three watchful eyes over the room and the staircase. Arty also Arcane Locks the door. The rest is interrupted.

The next challenge is to get the statue to the ground. Kaa secures the ropes to the statue, and Thoog leads the effort to drag and lower the statue down the staircases between the floors of the glass tower. Mostly the progress is uneventful, but a slip at one staircase causes the statue to fall and a leg is broken clean off.

As the party stands in the chamber of cages and plans how to lower the statue out of the glass tower, they are ambused by a group of ravers. These ravers have black markings on their faces and do not seem to be Keepers nor the group that attacked in the streets.

In the surprise round, Kaa falls to coordinated attacks, but the party quickly rallies and emerges victorious. No further problems impede getting the statue out of Colrac Hall.



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