Traitors and Merchants

Coda to Fallen Angel

It is with relief that you finally drag the statue out of raver territory and back into the “civilized” portion of Fallen. You soon gather a crowd of onlookers, as you continue to drag the statue towards an exit back into Lower Dura. Before long, Faela appears, apparently summoned by the throng. She welcomes you back and invites you to return to Blackstone Church. She rallies some commoners to assist, and the statue is quickly transported to the church.

Faela is saddened to hear of the deaths of the ravers, but says it sounds like they were possessed by evil and you did the right thing. She is intrigued by the statue. She remarks on how well-crafted and life-like it appears. Pointing to the stumps-that-may-have-been-wings on its back, she says it appears to be carved in the likeness of a radiant idol. Radiant idols are angels that have been banished from Syrania. They are occasionally found in Sharn, due to its Syranian manifest zone. The name “Sythrael” doesn’t mean anything to her.



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